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At Acadiana Center for Natural Health, we can create a protocol plan that is right for you and anyone in your home. Whether developing a plan for a toddler, growing teenager, expecting mother or someone dealing with SNPs mutations, we understand that various elements play a role in maintaining health.

Whether you are leading a vigorous lifestyle or just looking for better health options for you and your family, we can help you find the right supplements to create a stable environment in the body.


Through introducing supplements into the diet, the goal is to achieve balance in one’s daily life and body. Adapting to what is best for you and your family is the priority. Safety is important, too. When using supplements for either nutrition or medicinal purposes, finding what is safe as well as effective for each individual is critical.

Using a detailed intake history, we can identify specific nutrients that may be depleted in the body, and if needed, labs are used for further analysis. From these results a personalized protocol plan is formulated for people of any age.

Fast Facts

  1. Research has shown that a five week course of omega-3 PUFA fish oil has the potential to improve cognitive functions and cardiometabolic risk factors in healthy, middle aged to elderly adults.

  2. Genetic mutations of MTHFR, COMT, MAO and CBS genes call for the need of a nutraceutical solution focused on individual needs. It is estimated that roughly 70% of the population has at least one MTHFR gene mutation.

  3. “… with recent scientific advancements, we are now able to isolate the chemical composition of nutrients and measure their impact on our cells and hence our lives.” –Firshein

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