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Lifestyle counseling

Liz Champagne

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Liz Champagne addresses...

Weight Management

Food Sensitivities


Gastrointestinal Disorders

  • SIBO

  • IBS

  • ​IBD

Autoimmune Disorders

I am a 1987 Louisiana Tech University graduate of Dietetics.  Upon graduation, I worked at the VAMC in Alexandria, LA.  There, I was exposed to every aspect of Dietetics. After taking a career break to
raise and homeschool our three sons, I dove deeply into studying the emerging field of  Functional Nutrition.  As a Functional Nutritionist, I focus on helping my patients identify the root cause(s) of their
health concerns and the role that nutrition plays in their healing process.  My joy is found in helping others achieve their health goals, especially those who struggle with weight management.  There are so many
contributing factors that impede weight loss and as a dietitian with functional nutrition training, I aim to help you identify these obstacles and help you address them through improved diet and targeted supplements, as indicated. While I practice in Lafayette, LA, I am also licensed in the state of Texas and offer telehealth services. I accept most insurance plans, many of which cover your visit with zero out of pocket expenses, even if you have a high deductible, under your preventive wellness benefits.  Those who struggle with weight concerns,
autoimmune challenges, hormone imbalances, and/or GI challenges benefit from my services.

Liz Champagne, R.D.

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